Pediatric Migraines prevention and treatment

Pediatric Migraines prevention and treatment

Most children complain about recurrent headaches and the the most common cause is migraines. Many adults who complain about one probably tarted to get them as a child. Migraines among children can be triggered by things like hunger, lack of sleep, disrupted schedules, dehydration, and many other lifestyle habits. Stress to a child includes not just worry, but even excitement and strong positive emotions and almost always another contributor.

Preventive medication helps decrease the frequency of headaches but there are some less traditional agents like vitamin B2, taken daily seemed to work better as well considered safer for no side effects. We do have very good “abortive” agents to treat migraines once they begin. These include non-steroidal OTC meds like ibuprofen or naproxen, or prescription medications called “triptans”. All of these work best if taken very soon after any migraine symptoms start. But all of these are also prone to causing “rebound headaches” if taken too frequently. Also note that narcotic medications should never be used to treat migraines, especially in children they increase the sensitivity of the pain system, and can increase pain episodes after even short term use.

If your child has recurrent headaches, start by keeping a log to track potential triggers and causes. Don’t discount the role of stress, try to encourage good, regular sleep and eating habits. Talk to your Pediatrician for diagnosis and treatment.

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