Pediatric Resources


Educational Resources 

AAP_HClog_wAAP_091125 (by American Academy of Pediatrics) is a great educational resource for parents. Also check the following links for more information.

News from Healthy Children (AAP) – Latest Pediatric Health News.

Ask the Pediatrician (AAP) – Post your questions for Pediatricians.

E-Magazines (AAP) – Pediatric Magazine.

Immunization Schedules (AAP) – Immunization Schedules

Apps for Families (AAP) – Apps for Families.

Signup for Newsletter from Healthy Children (AAP) – Subscribe to Newsletter, Healthy Children.

Symptom Checker for Common Pediatric Illnesses by symptoms.

Ask the Pediatrician – Post your questions for responses.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) News Features – AAP News.

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